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31 authors. 3 courses. 17 days. The 21st Century Author Programme 2014 has seen a diverse and incredibly dedicated group of authors and illustrators walk through the National Literacy Trust doors.

I have had the pleasure of being transported along The Silk Road, huddled in a garage to listen to a high school rock band, followed the ups and downs of father and son detectives, rooted for a particularly adorable home-sick pig, tracked junk through outer space, confronted teen pregnancy and met a yak with a refined appetite.

From picture book to teen, the authors and illustrators completed three levels of training in how to create and conduct school visits and events. I would recommend any one of these authors for a visit to your school, library, bookstore or festival. They all have a wonderfully unique story to share with you. More to the point, they come armed with an understanding of the support that teachers need, are able to facilitate educational workshops or address a jam-packed auditorium, and will inspire, amuse, engage and encourage your students.

I think that, along with the vocal skills and the event timings, something more was achieved throughout the training. Camaraderie. Mutual support. Friendship.

Check out our talented 21st Century Authors alumni. Congratulations to the leavers of 2014.

about the author: Phillip (PJ) Norman

PJ is a CIPD qualified learning and development specialist who has delivered personal development and managerial training to professionals within the fields of medicine, broadcasting, retail and publishing – across three continents. Ten years experience has equipped him with the ability to identify and create learning solutions to many of the problems people now face in their working lives. Having provided online management and coaching to authors on how to navigate the world of new media and marketing, PJ is acutely aware of the demands that writers contend with in the marketplace today. His knowledge of training best practice is teamed with a talent at creating punchy, interactive workshops and seminars – making PJ perfectly positioned to bring author-focused learning solutions to the heart of publishing.

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