Anita Naik


Anita Naik is an author, social media manager and journalist. She is currently the Blog Editor for Most Wanted Magazine, the Advice columnist on Woman’s Own and a freelance Social Media Manager for a range of clients from education charities to well known authors. 

As the author of over 50 non-fiction books, including The Lazy Girl’s Guide series, she is also the a media spokesperson for and has also had experience of the other side of the coin, being interviewed widely on radio, TV, online and in print, including BBC Breakfast, Sky News, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Radio 1, BBC Switch and Radio 4.

With over twenty years of experience to draw on, Anita has also worked in career and academic mentoring, and media training, helping authors and bloggers to get the best out of their publicity campaigns. For AuthorProfile, Anita delivers focused guidance on topics ranging from social media strategy and author branding, through to media skills and advice about blogging and social media.


Anita will team up with a second AuthorProfile trainer to deliver focused guidance over a full day on topics ranging from social media strategy and author branding, through to media skills and advice about blogging.

Group training provides an opportunity for your authors to share their experiences and to learn from each other as well as from the trainers.


Anita is able to deliver individual coaching sessions that are tailored to match the needs of a particular author and are perfect for when you need fast response training.

I think the best part is suddenly having a much clearer idea of my brand. Thank you PJ and Anita.

- Susan Fletcher

Lots of helpful stuff. Anita and PJ were great and friendly trainers.

- Lucy Christopher