Graham Marks


Graham Marks has experienced the publishing industry from numerous perspectives – as a publisher himself, as an industry journalist, as a designer and as a successful, internationally award-winning fiction author.

Graham’s own writing ranges from poetry (Seeing is Touching) through scripts for Marvel Comics and fast-paced action adventures for readers aged 9-14 (including Snatched!, Kaï-ro, I-Spy, Mean Streets) to acclaimed contemporary fiction for teenagers (Radio, Radio, How it Works, Zoo, Tokyo, Omega Place). He was a senior copywriter in an advertising agency for eight years, with clients including Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and CitiBank and was the Children’s Editor of publishing trade journal Publishing News for 25 years.

All of which adds up to a man with an encyclopedic knowledge of the publishing industry, gained at first hand over the past thirty years. Graham’s expertise combines many facets. He’s a complete wordsmith but with a strong visual sense. He’s enormously creative but also has a keen sense of the business side of publishing. He is excited by the possibilities offered by new technology and gadgetry but also believes that it’s the building and sustaining of strong personal relationships that underpins any successful author’s career.

Graham occupies a rarified position amongst authors in seeing the publishing world from many sides and instinctively understanding the expectations and anxieties of authors, the demands on corporate publishers and the needs of audiences, whether in a schools setting or at a literary festival. He has extensive experience delivering training and coaching to fellow authors, ranging from preparation for public appearances, to understanding the dynamics of media interviews and a general orientation into the world of publishing for first-time authors.


Graham will team up with a second AuthorProfile trainer to deliver focused guidance over a full day on topics ranging from social media strategy and mainstream media skills through to advice about delivering author events.

Group training provides an opportunity for your authors to share their experiences and to learn from each other as well as from the trainers.


Graham is able to deliver individual coaching sessions that are tailored to match the needs of a particular author and are perfect for when you need fast response training.

Graham and Justin were well-informed course leaders. A really enjoyable, positive and inspiring day.

- Christopher William Hill

It was a very useful course – especially as Graham and Justin were authors who had been through it all themselves.

- Kathryn James