Terry Tavner

Media Trainer

Terry Tavner has a distinguished track record in the magazine publishing industry, having worked as a journalist, editor and consultant. She was editor at Chat Magazine for seven years and won the BSME Editors’ Editor of the Year in 1990 – one of the most coveted magazine publishing industry awards.

She was editor at Eva Magazine, re-launching the title to capture the late teen market, and went on to work as editor at Woman’s Own, one of the “big four” women’s weekly magazines, She Magazine and Essentials Magazine.

For AuthorProfile Terry draws on her wealth of expertise, delivering training and coaching, ranging from preparation for public appearances, to understanding the dynamics of media interviews and an orientation into the world of conventional and new media for high-profile and big-brand creative individuals.


Terry is able to deliver a single or multi-step programme of results-focused coaching that is tailored to match the needs of a particular creative individual and is perfect for when you need fast response training or a longer-term strategic approach.