This course is the second of three training sessions delivered as part of the National Literacy Trust’s new initiative, 21st Century Authors. This course pinpoints components that contribute to a confident and engaging author/illustrator event – whether delivered at bookshops, schools, libraries or festivals, to a handful of fans or a jam-packed auditorium.

During the workshop, authors will deliver a pre-prepared talk and reading, as if presenting to an audience of their target readers. Individual feedback and support will be provided to address confidence issues, stage craft and vocal skills.


The key components of this course are:

  1. Understanding the relationship that you have with your audience
  2. Being able to prepare and protect your voice
  3. Knowing how to confidently own the stage from the get-go
  4. Mastering the key elements of stage craft – including microphone skills
  5. Understanding when and how to adapt your performance for different audiences


The 21st Century Author Programme is a new initiative led by the National Literacy Trust to provide high level support, training and deployment opportunities for established and emerging authors and illustrators in England. Funding comes from Arts Council England and all training is offered for FREE to authors. As part of the programme authors will receive:

  • high quality training in creating and conducting school visits and events, delivered by AuthorProfile
  • opportunities for deployment in schools and at football clubs
  • support from literacy experts on the requirements of the new school curriculum
  • high-value promotion opportunities for their work through the Premier League Reading Stars programme.

This programme is being offered as part of Premier League Reading Stars, an initiative of the National Literacy Trust, which uses the motivational power of football to encourage pupils to improve their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, but it is interested in all kinds of authors for this programme, not just writers focused on football.

To find out more about the 21st Century Author programme and to apply, please visit out CONTACT page or call us on 07504 954510.



  • This session is 3.5 hours.

  • Up to 4 authors

  • This course includes observation and feedback, trainer-led discussion, written tasks, individual and group activities, and facilitated action planning.

  • This session includes a training workbook

  • To find out more about the 21st Century Author programme and to apply, please visit out CONTACT page or call us on 07504 954510.

Brilliant – one of the best courses I’ve ever been on. Highly recommended.

- Jon Robinson