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Having worked on over 100 hours of broadcast TV in-house at both the BBC and ITV, Harry went freelance to produce The Bad Mother’s Handbook, one of the highest rating single dramas of 2007. He is now a children’s novelist and lectures on writing novels, as well as film and television. His third novel has just been commissioned, and last year he went back to TV to exec-produce the 2 part BAFTA nominated drama The Great Train Robbery for BBC1. He lives in North London with his wife and three children.


‘When the pig called Heather woke up after lunch, the first thing she thought was that she had absolutely nothing to do. That was good, doing nothing was one of her best things, and also one of the things she did best.’

Heather’s best friend is a girl called Isla, who lives with her dad on a farm in Scotland. Their idyllic life together is shattered when a thunderstorm destroys the farm and forces Isla’s dad to sell up and move to London – leaving Isla and Heather miles apart and utterly miserable. Then fate intervenes, turning Heather from an everyday pig into a national celebrity, and catapulting her to fame, fortune and most excitingly of all …London.

Armed only with her own pig-headedness, Heather embarks on a quest to track down her best friend. After all, how many girls with freckles can there be in London?

Ages 7+


Heather should be happy. She’s come to London, found Isla and is contentedly living among the bearded pigs in the Zoo. But something’s wrong. Isla’s sad, and if Isla’s sad, then Heather’s sad. It seems the only way to make things better is for Heather to break out of the zoo, travel 500 miles to Scotland, and then get the farm back for Isla and her dad. Easy! On her travels Heather will lose weight, find it again, meet an eagle, hide from bats, and talk to chickens. She’ll come face to face with the terrifying wildcat, and all the while she’ll be hunted by a tenacious animal catcher and his dogged – dog. Only if she can get back to Scotland and avoid capture can she face the hardest challenge of all, the fight for the one place she and Isla can truly call home. An inspiring tale of courage, friendship and most importantly of all, apples.

Ages 7+

I really enjoyed the training and found it alarmingly useful!