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Jess Bright is a new children’s author flying the flag for the Clean Tween readership. Her writing is open and funny and helps girls explore the diversity of modern family life with all its idiosyncrasies.

Jess’s background is in publishing where she started out as the editorial assistant and then gradually ended up running the whole joint (slight exaggeration, but almost true), before leaving to go freelance and be a writer.

Jess lives in London with her husband and three kids and her crazy cat called Ginger.

She is currently working on a time travel escapade called Back in the Day (Summer 2016).


My life has been turned upside down, inside out, and totally shaken about. In the last week I’ve learnt:
– my mum’s been keeping a MEGA secret from me MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE
– my dad is a famous novelist
– I have a sister I never knew about who’s really sick and I’m the last chance she has of getting better.
I’m trying to pretend to everyone (and even myself) that I’m OK with it all, but really, I don’t think I am.

Willow is an only child and lives with her mad artist mum, Helen, in the middle of nowhere. Even though she is happy in her small family, she would secretly love a sister to hang out with.

Helen had always told Willow that her dad was a sperm donor. But Willow’s world is about to be blown apart – her mum wasn’t telling the truth. Secret letters reveal Willow has a father she knew nothing about, and he has a very sick daughter, Bella, from his marriage, who will die unless she has a bone marrow transplant. There are no donors and no one in her immediate family matches. There is a slight chance Willow could be a match, and Anthony is willing to risk everything to find out.

But will Willow even agree to be tested? She is angry and insulted that Anthony only wants to know her now so she can save his ‘real’ daughter. And Bella hates Willow before even meeting her.

Can these two estranged siblings overcome all the obstacles thrown in their way in order to help each other and become real sisters?

Sister, Sister is out July 2015.

Great trainers who really listen and help. The course boosted my confidence massively. Thanks!