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Jo Franklin writes funny stories for children aged 7 -11. She likes to write at Peckham Library in a seat sandwiched between The Unexplained and True Crime with a great view of the Pie and Mash shop.

Jo used to have a proper job telling other people what to do with computers. But when everyone started calling her Bossy Spice, she realised it was time to leave.  She became a writer because it gave her the opportunity to indulge in her obsession with stationery. She also likes cats, chocolate and cheese but now has a dog who wants to eat all these and everything else in Jo’s home in SE London.

Jo enjoys meeting children at schools and libraries to discuss her life as an author and talk about reading and writing. She brings her own brand of humour to creative writing workshops and author talks.

Her first book Help, I’m an Alien! Has been published in Germany as ‘Hilfe ich bin ein Alien’ (Coppenrath 2014)  and in the US as ‘I’m an Alien and I want to go Home’ (Clarion 2015). Hilfe ich bin ein Nerd and another title in the series will be published in Germany in 2015. Jo is represented by Anne Clark.



Ten year old Daniel feels such a misfit that when his incredibly-annoying-elder-sister tells him he’s an alien, he believes her. With the help of his two friends Freddo and Gordon the Geek, Daniel tries to return to his home planet. But things don’t go to plan and suddenly Dan has to decide whether he is an alien or a human after all.

It was great to step away from my desk and concentrate on developing my author talks for three days with Author Profile. PJ and Justin bring a professionalism to my authorial life which is often lacking in my own study.