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Tamim Sadikali writes fiction that aims high but punches low. His debut novel, Dear Infidel, is the living, breathing embodiment of just such an ethos. And his blog, on satellite subjects to the novel, is but a splashing of oil on troubled waters. His sole use for Twitter is to start fires, and watch others burn… Whe he gets the time, he loves reviewing for Bookmunch. A sample of his work – an experimental short – can be found in Issue 16 of the Ginosko Literary Journal.


Two families reunite for a feast on Eid ul-Fitr, the day Muslims celebrate the end of the month of fasting. And boys who grew up together will meet again, as men. As the big day approaches two of the men go to the mosque, one leaves his girlfriend and another watches porn. Nevertheless, they arrive intent on embracing the day. Old enmities are put aside, as they take tentative steps towards each other.

This is a story about love, hate, longing and sexual dysfunction, all sifted through the war on terror. And how we drift from one another, leaving every man stranded across a wasteland of atrophied connections. And so we witness the realities of a post-9/11 world filter down, touch individual lives, combine with some internal tension, and finally spill over.

Prior to engaging with PJ, I’d avoided social media with a passion. As my novel approached publication I knew I’d have to jump in, but ‘which one(s)?’ and ‘how?’ – the questions were too big, and starting from ground zero was just depressing. Thank you, PJ, for cutting through the maze and showing me a clear pathway.