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Bernard Cornwell has a talent for bringing history to life. His books take us from Arthurian Britain into the discord of the Dark Ages, and plunge us headfirst into the bloodshed and battles of the Hundred Years’ War, the Napoleonic Wars and the American Civil War.

The adventures of his renegade-turned-officer Richard Sharpe have been adapted for television by ITV and the brutal Dane and Saxon shield walls of the Uhtred of Bebbanburg books have been reproduced in the Netflix television series The Last Kingdom.

The Sharpe books span from 1799 in Sharpe’s Tiger (1997), through the Peninsular War and Waterloo Campaign, and culminate with Sharpe meeting Napoleon in 1821 in Sharpe’s Devil (1992). The Warlord Chronicles – The Winter King (1995), Enemy of God (1996) and Excalibur (1997) – mix historical fiction and Arthurian mythology. The Uhtred of Bebbanburg books include: The Last Kingdom (2004), The Pale Horseman (2005), The Lords of the North (2006), Sword Song (2007), The Burning Land (2009), Death of Kings (2011), The Pagan Lord (2013), The Empty Throne (2014), Warriors of the Storm (2015), The Flame Bearer (2016) and War of the Wolf (2018).


To deliver a year-round community platform that showcases all of Bernard’s books, from the Richard Sharpe series, The Warlord Chronicles, The Grail Quest novels, The Starbuck Chronicles, The Last Kingdom series, thrillers, nonfiction, and stand-alone titles such as Gallows Thief (2001), Azincourt (2008), The Fort (2010) and Fools and Mortals (2017).


Bernard Cornwell




“Serpent-Breath. Her blade was beaten out on Odin’s anvil, tempered by Thor’s fire, and quenched in the blood of her enemies.” Our content stays true to Bernard’s writing, drawing on the extraordinary voice of his characters – from Alfred the Great and Æthelflæd, to Ælfric and the dastardly Kjartan – so they have the opportunity to shine beyond the page.


This long-term campaign delivers a forum where Bernard’s 118,000-strong community of readers can explore the history, the locations and the characters of his books and where they are able to express their indefatigable appetite for Bernard’s band of invaders, warriors and renegades.