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Lesley Pearse is one of the UK’s best-loved novelists with an international readership and sales of over 10 million copies.

Lesley’s novels have fearlessly crossed genres: with crime as in Till We Meet Again, historical adventure like Never Look Back, or the passionately emotive Trust Me, based on the true-life scandal of British child migrants sent to Australia in the post war period, she engages the reader completely.

Her novels include Georgia (1993), Tara (1994), Charity (1995), Ellie (1996), Camellia (1997), Rosie (1998), Charlie (1999), Never Look Back (2000), Trust Me (2001), Father Unknown (2002), Til We Meet Again (2002), Remember Me (2003), Secrets (2004), A Lesser Evil (2005), Hope (2006), Faith (2007), Gypsy (2008), Stolen (2010), Belle (2011), The Promise (2012), Forgive Me (2013), Survivor (2014) Without a Trace (2015), Dead to Me (2016) and The Woman in the Wood (2017), The House Across the Street (2018) and You’ll Never See Me Again (2019).

Lesley sentences many of her characters to the most formidable of settings: from the battlefields of the Crimean War and WW1; to the dusty and desperate settlements founded by the North American gold rush; the inhumane conditions below deck on the convict ships of the First Fleet; and the isolation and misery felt within the stone walls of archaic British orphanages.


To inject energy and a feeling of community into Lesley’s core readership over the launch of Without a Trace, Dead to Me and The Woman in the Wood and to give a fresh voice to her rich and extensive backlist.


Michael Joseph – London, UK




Content that evokes the human endeavour, hope, romance, bloodshed and unequivocal hardship faced by Lesley’s characters.


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