Alice is a picture book writer based in a shed in East Hertfordshire. She has worked as a professional librarian, a Website Editor and an Outreach Manager for a university but always wrote for fun.

After leaving the world of work to have her two children she concentrated on writing full-time and her first picture book, ‘The Black and White Club’, was published by Maverick in 2013. Illustrated by Kimberley Scott, it was selected by Peters Library Services as a recommended read and shortlisted for the Portsmouth Book Award.

Alice’s latest book, ‘Bibble and the Bubbles’, was published in September 2014 and there will be two more to follow in 2015. She loves meeting her readers and working with children in schools, bookshops and at festivals.

The Black and White Club

At Heavenly Hippo Wildlife Park the penguins have started up a new club…but only the black and white animals are invited. Feeling left out, George the Giraffe comes up with his own scheme.

Bibble and the Bubbles

Bibble likes bubbles.  When Bibble touches bubbles they don’t pop.  He is able to bend and shape the bubbles to make all sorts of exciting things: animals, buildings, even a working spaceship!


Great stuff! Some practical advice that I can see myself carrying out. I particularly liked the vocal exercises.

- Alice Hemming