Amber Lee Dodd was a writer in residence for The Expansionists and a playwright for the young playwrights programme at Chichester Festival Theatre. Her plays have featured at the Edinburgh Fringe, New Theatre Royal and Chichester Festival Theatre.

Her short stories are published internationally and The Love Songs of Foxes was recently broadcast on BBC Radio 4. She likes swimming and thunderstorms, but not usually at the same time. We Are Giants is her first book.



We Are Giants

Sydney thinks her mum Amy is the best mum in the world – even if she is a bit different. When everyone else kept growing, Amy got to 124cm and then stopped right there. The perfect height, in Sydney’s opinion: big enough to reach the ice cream at the supermarket, small enough to be special. Sydney’s dad died when she was only five, but her memories of him, her mum’s love and the company of her brave big sister Jade means she never feels alone . . .

But when the family are forced to move house, things get tricky. Sydney and Jade must make new friends, deal with the bullies at their new school and generally figure out the business of growing up.

But Sydney doesn’t want to grow up, not if it means getting bigger than her mum. And her mum is barely four feet tall . . .


The course was very good. I liked the ideas we came up with for posts.

- Amber Lee Dodd