Anne Booth

Anne Booth lives in a village in Kent with her husband, four teenage children, two dogs and two hens. She has worked as a bookseller, a guide round a haunted medieval building (though she didn’t see any ghosts), a table clearer and washer-upper, a teacher of English in Italy, an Arts and Crafts Coordinator in a residential Home for the Elderly and a University lecturer.

Her debut novel ‘Girl with a White Dog’ for 9-12 year olds was published by Catnip March 2014 and was recently announced to be on the UKLA longlist. Her Christmas book for 5-8 year olds ‘Lucy’s Secret Reindeer’ has just been published by O.U.P.

Girl With A White Dog

Jessie is excited when her gran gets a white Alsatian puppy, but with Snowy’s arrival a mystery starts to unfold. As Jessie learns about Nazi Germany at school, past and present begin to slot together and she uncovers something long-buried, troubling and somehow linked to another girl and another white dog.

Lucy's Secret Reindeer

Dear Lucy

Thank you so much for asking me if I needed help this Christmas. What a kind girl you are! As a matter of fact I do. My smallest reindeer is not very well, and needs someone to make him better before Christmas Eve. Starlight guides my sleigh through the night sky, so without him, I won’t be able to deliver any presents. Go down to the shed at the bottom of your garden and you will find him.

And Lucy, this is TOP SECRET!

Lots of love from

Lucy has a big secret . . . Santa’s left her a little reindeer in the garden shed! But Starlight is poorly, and Santa won’t be able to deliver any presents if he’s not well in time. Can Lucy make Starlight better and save Christmas?


I’m really glad that I did the course. I feel that I have a new feeling of being professional in a world of professionals.

- Anne Booth