Carina Axelsson

Half-Swedish and half-Mexican, Carina grew up in California. After moving to New York she embarked on a jet-setting modelling career which saw her starring in advertising and magazine campaigns across the globe, including shoots for Vogue and Elle.

Later Carina moved to Paris and, after a stint working as a PA to a John Galliano, began writing her first notes about a girl detective working in fashion.


Model Under Cover: A Crime of Fashion

Introducing Axelle Anderson: fashion’s most stylish detective. Despite her long legs and fashion-obsessed family, all Axelle wants to do is solve mysteries. So when star designer Belle La Lune vanishes, Axelle seizes the chance to go undercover as a model to crack the case – even if it means being tortured with eyelash-curlers and teetering on sky-high heels. Aided by the distractingly gorgeous Sebastian, Axelle races against the clock to solve the mystery at the heart of Paris Fashion Week… An irresistible new fashion detective series from former catwalk model, Carina Axelsson.

Model Under Cover: Stolen with Style

Hold on to your handbags and buckle up your heels – Axelle Anderson, undercover model, is back. When it comes to glamorous crimes of fashion, Axelle’s discovered that modelling is the perfect cover for a wannabe detective. So when the world’s most famous black diamond vanishes from a Chic: New York cover shoot, she jets straight to New York to investigate.


You’ve definitely made me feel more confident in my brand. Super interesting day.

- Carina Axelsson