Helen wrote her first book (a book of spells) as a very young child. After taking a degree, travelling and working as a copywriter for more than twenty years, she finally came full circle and started writing children’s books again.

Helen lives with her partner and their two daughters near the sea in Sussex.



The Witch With An Itch

On the last day of witch school the littlest witch passed her witchy exams with not one single hitch. 

So why are all her spells going wrong? And why does she keep getting an itch? Maybe it’s because the littlest witch still has a VERY important lesson to learn!

A spellbinding tale of itchy, witchy, wrong and right, brought to life by Deborah Allwright the award-winning illustrator of The Night Pirates.

Rudey's Windy Christmas

“Oh, pardon me!” said Rudey. “But I think I’ve done a pump. My tummy did a rumble, then my bottom did a trump.”

Rudey has eaten too many sprouts and the explosive effects are smelt all around the world as he helps Santa deliver presents on Christmas Eve. The other reindeer have laughed so much they’re out of puff. So how will they get the sleigh back home?

A naughty, noisy, rip-roaring story full of hilarious phrases that children love!

Illustrated by Ben Mantle.


As we come to the end of this academic year – my first for school visits – I’d just like to say that the help and advice I received from the National Literacy Trust and the Author Profile team as part of the 21st Century Author programme have been absolutely invaluable, thank you so much.

- Helen Baugh