Imogen writes Edwardian Mysteries packed full of myths and dark magic, for ages 9+. Imogen loves local history, and children’s stories that aren’t limited to beautiful countryside locations or secluded seaside coves. She spent much of her childhood gallivanting around her 1970s Croydon housing estate in search of buried Roman treasure, mystery and trouble.

In her own words: “magical tales exist in our towns and cities too: they are on everyone’s doorstep, if you just dig deep enough to discover them.”

Imogen was the winner of SCBWI Undiscovered Voices 2014.

She now lives in St Leonards-on-Sea with her husband and children.

You can find out even more about Imogen on her official website or on Twitter or Facebook.

The Rose Muddle Mysteries: The Amber Pendant

When Rose Muddle is plucked from the workhouse to become a maid in a grand mansion, she discovers that her new mistress has secret plans for her – plans which involve a strange amber pendant with extraordinary powers.

But fearsome enemies lurk in the shadows, intent on finding the mysterious pendant. As the shadows begin to close in, can Rose uncover the truth of her own destiny to stop these forces of evil?

The Rose Muddle Mysteries: The Secret Ruby

Rose and Rui are back with Bahula the monkey in tow, and a brand-new, action-packed mystery to solve…

The pair must travel to Jaipur to return Mr Gupta’s ruby to his family. But unbeknownst to them, they are being followed by a member of the Brotherhood of the Black Sun, and dark secrets await them when they dock in India…


I would thoroughly recommend the course. Such a useful insight into the world of branding and social media for debut authors. Brilliant!

- Imogen White