Rebecca writes picture books and poetry and is represented by Kathleen Rushall of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

Before writing for children, Rebecca worked for a Russian comedian, taught English in Taiwan, travelled the world as a tour director, and worked as a librarian. She is also a qualified primary teacher and has produced teacher’s resource guides to accompany her books.

Born in America, Rebecca now lives in North Yorkshire where she spends much of her time trying not to swallow midgies.

There Was a Wee Lassie Who Swallowed a Midgie

‘There was a wee lassie who swallowed a midgie. I don’t know why she swallowed the midgie, So teeny and squidgy!’ In this hilarious twist on a much-loved rhyme, the wee lassie swallows a succession of Scotland’s favourite creatures to catch that peskie midgie — including a puffin, a Scottie dog, a seal, and even Nessie! After all that, she can’t still be hungry. Can she? Kate McLelland’s funny, engaging illustrations bring to life this uniquely Scottish version of a classic rhyme.

It's Raining Bats & Frogs

Delia has been looking forward to flying in the annual Witch Parade all year. When the rumours of rain come true and the other witches start complaining, Delia takes action. Using her best magic, Delia changes the rain to cats and dogs. At first this goes over well, but then the animals cause problems. Delia changes the rain again–this time to hats and clogs. Finally, she tries bats and frogs. But each new type of rain brings its own set of problems. Will Delia find a spell to save the day? Illustrated by Steven Henry


A great day and the warm-up exercises were extremely helpful. The course was brilliant – only complaint would be that it wasn’t longer, but that’s only because everything was so useful.

- Rebecca Colby