Tor Freeman walked almost straight out of her illustration degree at Kingston University into her first published book. Over the last 15 years, she has illustrated several picture books and young chapter books, written her own stories and been published widely in the UK and the US. In 2012 she was awarded the Sendak fellowship and spent a month’s residency at the artist’s property in Connecticut.

As a child she spent five years living in California – land of cheerleaders, gold panning and frozen yoghurt, where she discovered a skill for playing cards and where she developed her life-long love of Calvin and Hobbes and rock music.

Digby Dog Delivers

Digby Dog is the best delivery dog in town. From a missing T.Rex bone for the Dinosaur Museum to a replacement bow for the violinist in the orchestra, Digby’s parcels always reach the right place at the right time. But Digby needs your help!

Use the ‘Can You Find’ activities to find each character and spot the additional items hidden in each busy scene.

A story and activity rolled into one, this unique book is packed with fascinating and funny details that will keep both young and old looking – and laughing – for hours and hours.

Olive and the Embarrassing Hat

The price of true friendship! Olive s best friend Joe has bought her a special hat the only problem is Olive doesn t like it and her gang of friends find it very amusing. Olive tries all kinds of excuses to avoid wearing the hat and eventually Joe catches her stuffing it into a bin! Olive feels terrible that she s upset Joe, so she makes a special sign to wear saying, Olive and Joe are best friends.

The Toucan Brothers

What do you do when your sink’s on the blink? In Tapton everyone knows who to call – the Toucans that can do, Sammy and Paul! But when new plumber Flash Rover swings into town, the Toucan’s telephone stops ringing. Flash Rover may be faster and cheaper, but he’s also a rotten cheat and it isn’t long before the people of Tapton find themselves in deep, deep water . . .

So remember, if there’s a job that you simply can’t do then call those that can – the twosome that can do, the Brothers Toucan!

Benji Bear's Busy Day

This cased board book is a perfect first introduction to telling the time for toddlers. The simple text allows Tor Freeman’s wonderful, humorous and detailed artwork to tell the story. Each page is richly detailed with tons to spot and flaps to lift throughout as well as questions to start discussions with your child. And as if that wasn’t enough, the interactive moving clock hands are both sturdy and easy to turn. Learning to tell the time has never been such fun!

Showtime for Billie and Coco

Step inside Fancy Feathers Talent School, the most exciting school in town! Coco Crocodile is rehearsing her song and Billie and Pig has a dance to perfect – and all in time for the evening show! But the Fox Clowns are in a muddle and Albert the Magician has made his assistant vanish, COMPLETELY! Now everyone needs a costume and time is running out. But you know what they say? The show MUST go on.

Full of fun, bursting with characters and packed with comic detail, as well as tutus, tantrums and TALENT!

Le Dico Rigolo des Animaux

Le Dico Rigolo des Animaux by Tor Freeman and Elisabeth Brami was published in French by Casterman in 2013.


“Very supportive and encouraging. Good ideas from Justin and Amy. I felt in safe hands. I have new ideas and new confidence in my abilities to do this well.”

- Tor Freeman