Amy Finegan


During a 13-year association with AandBC Theatre Company, Amy was a company voice coach and music director and ran team workshops while on tour. She also facilitated workshops for the general public while in the Royal Shakespeare Company Ensemble. For AuthorProfile, Amy instructs on take-home techniques that address pre-event nerves, strengthen your voice and prepare you physically before walking on stage. Amy comes armed with a wealth of practical experience and advice: from how to adapt to different audiences, how to use the stage to your advantage, and how to deliver a knockout performance.

Amy’s stage credits include: Grease (Future Cinema); Boom (BeMe Theatre Munich); As You Like It, The Tamer Tamed and Henry VIII (all Royal Shakespeare Company); solo folk opera The Log Of The Skipper’s Wife (RSC and American tour); The Tempest (AandBC Somerset House, UK and British Council worldwide touring); The Most Happy Fella (Young Vic Jerwood Young Director’s Award).

Voiceovers include: English Language Training over many years for OUP, CUP, Macmillan and Pearson Education; DOVE Visibly Smooth (US television); The Mystery Of The Parthenon (BBC/Discovery Channel); America: The Story Of Us (History Channel); audiobooks Sunstroke, The Fountainhead, Mommie Dearest, Pretty Little Things and A Kiss Before Dying; Mind Jack (Square Enix for Xbox 360); Auto Destruct (Electronic Arts); Beating The Blues (online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Ultrasis).


Amy will team up with a second AuthorProfile trainer to deliver focused guidance on event content and performance skills over a full day.

Group training provides an opportunity for your authors to share their experiences and to learn from each other as well as from the trainers.


Amy is able to deliver individual coaching sessions that are tailored to match the needs of a particular author and are perfect for when you need fast response training.


Amy facilitated event performance training for the 21st Century Author Programme, a new initiative led by the National Literacy Trust to provide high level support, training and deployment opportunities for established and emerging authors and illustrators in England.

Amy was very professional and a great help to me and the other authors. I agreed with everything she said and she managed to sew some positive seeds that I shall endeavour to use in my future career. The training and advice was superb.

- Peter Jay Black

Best of all I liked how PJ and Amy made us feel happy to try new things and to learn new skills in a safe and supportive environment.

- Megan Rix

Amy and Justin were very helpful and professional – a delightful team.

- Emily Bearn

Very supportive and encouraging. Good ideas from Justin and Amy. I felt in safe hands.

- Tor Freeman

I found it very interesting and helpful that Justin and Amy had such knowledge.

- Rebecca Cobb