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Kat is highly skilled in role play, facilitating and improvisation. She has a diploma in NLP and a post-graduate Acting diploma at Oxford School of Drama.

Kat has extensive experience includes tutoring in secondary schools and running enterprise workshops for CragRats – Life Changing Learning; communication and confidence-building workshops with Boo Training; communication skills workshops at the Department of Primary Care at University Oxford, victims & suspects interview training at Metropolitan Police – Avant Garde Corporate Role Play; as well as facilitating role play, drumming and choreography at Drumpulse.

For AuthorProfile, Kat instructs on take-home techniques that address pre-event nerves, strengthen your voice and prepare you physically before walking on stage. Kat comes armed with a wealth of practical experience and advice: from how to adapt to different audiences, how to use the stage to your advantage, and how to deliver a knockout performance.


Kat will team up with a second AuthorProfile trainer to deliver focused guidance on event content and performance skills over a full day. Group training provides an opportunity for your authors to share their experiences and to learn from each other as well as from the trainers.


Kat is able to deliver individual vocal coaching and performance training sessions that are tailored to match the needs of a particular author and are perfect for when you need fast response training.

Very helpful. Talking to and working with other writers was useful. Kat was fab!