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Chris Callaghan has faffed around all his life. He’s getting quite good at it. His first job was on a ‘Pick n Mix’ counter in a supermarket. Sometimes a rogue sherbet flying saucer would accidentally fall into his mouth. A career in the Royal Air Force as an aircraft mechanic followed. He was fully trained how to work with jet fighters and understands exactly how they fly – although he still suspects that there is a little magic involved somewhere. In-between fixing jets he would often be hiding somewhere reading a book or scribbling down stories. During his service, he was even awarded a medal – although he isn’t entirely sure why.

He left the Air Force to become an Environmental Scientist. He would spend a lot of time on factory roofs, measuring pollution from chimneys. In-between taking measurements he would often be hiding somewhere reading a book or scribbling down stories. Once his career was becoming quite successful, he left it to become a Stay at Home Dad. In-between changing nappies and doing the dishes he would often be hiding somewhere reading a book or … yes, you’ve guessed it.

He lives in Newcastle, in a house that requires more DIY than he is prepared to complete, with his Primary School Deputy Head Teacher wife and his Primary School Attending Pupil daughter.

His first book was written as a Christmas present for his daughter because there was no room left for any more dolls.

He is currently faffing about, pretending to be writing his second book.



It’s the end of chocolate – for good! At least, that’s what they’re saying on TV. Eleven-year-old Jelly is horrified, but a trail of clues leads to a posh chocolate shop and its suspicious owner, the dastardly Garibaldi Chocolati. Is it really the chocopocalypse, or is there a chocoplot afoot?

An exciting adventure story for a 7+ audience from a debut author. Features a truly ghastly villain – think ‘evil mastermind meets Willy Wonka’ – and a down-to-earth heroine with a sidekick grandma.

My Events Training day with Author Profile was a fantastic mix of fun and valuable information. I learned a huge amount and gained considerable confidence which I will take into my own events.