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Chris Higgins is an award-winning writer for children and teens who was born and brought up in South Wales and now lives in Cornwall. She is married with four children and has six little grandchildren which make her sound more ancient than she actually is.

Chris used to be an English teacher but now she writes full-time. Her books are about real life and the extraordinary things that happen to ordinary people.

Chris loves the outdoor life which is why she lives in Cornwall. She also loves to travel though nowadays it’s hard to find the time. She enjoys engaging with her readers and is happy to do school events and festivals.

Chris has written 10 books for teens for Hodder: 32C, That’s Me (2006); Pride and Penalties (2007); It’s a 50/50 thing (2008); A Perfect Ten (2008); Love ya Babe (2009); Would you Rather? (2009); Walking the Walls (2010); Tapas and Tears (2010); He’s After Me (2011); and The Day I Met Suzie (2013).

She has also written the Secrets Club series for 9-12 year olds for Puffin: Alice in the Spotlight (2012); The Truth about Tash (2013); No Match for Dani (2013) Puffin.

Chris also writes the very successful “My Funny Family” series for 5-9 year olds for Hodder: My Funny Family (2012); My Funny Family on Holiday (2013); My Funny Family gets Bigger (2013); My Funny Family’s Got Talent (2014); My Funny Family Moves House (2014); and My Funny Family Saves the Day (TBP 2015).


‘My boyfriend could get into trouble if he gets caught. He could go to jail.’ I moan softly. ‘So could I.’

‘Anything you tell me is completely confidential.’ I sigh deeply. What have I got to lose? ‘I wouldn’t know where to begin.’

‘At the beginning?’ she says. ‘In your own words.’

So that’s what I do. I start at the beginning like she says.

The day I met Suzie.

Indigo (Indie) rings the Samaritans. She is frightened and desperate with no one to turn to. Over the course of one long night, Indie tells her story to the person on the end of the phone. She realises that her friend Suzie has taken over her home, her friends, her work, her boyfriend – and her life. After every few chapters we are brought back to the present moment, and see how piecing the story together helps Indie progress towards resolution.


Mum’s 30th birthday is coming up and after such a hectic year for the Butterfields, Mattie wants to make it extra-special.

Aided by best friend Lucinda, Mattie decides a talent show to showcase the Butterfields’ unique skills will be the best birthday surprise for Mum. With a host of unruly Butterfields and Lucinda’s parents coming to watch, however, have Mattie and Lucinda bitten off more than they can chew?


The Secrets Club – Alice, Tash, Dani and Lissa are in their first year at secondary. These girls are forging new friendships, facing fears and finding their way. Should they keep their secrets or share them with each other? In the first two books, Alice and Tash fessed up. Now it’s Dani’s turn. Should she admit to her friends that every weekend she plays football with a group of boys who don’t even know she’s a girl?!

Really helpful and good fun.