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Sam Gayton wrote his first book, The Snow Merchant, when he was a teaching assistant at Widcombe Primary School in Bath. He loves visiting schools to give talks, run workshops and judge Really Tiny Story Competitions (just ask).

The Snow Merchant is a story about family and alchemy. His second book, Lilliput, is a sequel to Gulliver’s Travels. His next book, Hercufleas, is coming out next year. It’s about a super-powered flea who has to defeat a giant!

When he’s not writing, Sam likes eating pizza (pepperoni), playing card games (UNO) and strumming his eight guitars (not all at the same time).


Lettie Peppercorn lives in a house on stilts near the wind-swept coast of Albion. Nothing incredible has ever happened to her, until one winter’s night.

The night the Snow Merchant comes.

He claims to be an alchemist – the greatest that ever lived – and in a mahogany suitcase, he carries his newest invention.

It is an invention that will change Lettie’s life – and the world – forever.

It is an invention called snow.


Inspired by Gulliver’s Travels, Lilliput is an exhilarating adventure filled with cunning escape plans, evil clockmakers and very talkative parrots. Join Lily as she travels over rooftops, down chimneys and into chocolate shops on a journey to find the one place in the world where she belongs . . . Home.


Greta is a girl on a mission: to venture to Avalon and bring back a hero who can save her home from destruction by the monstrous giant Yuk.

Many heroes have tried before now. Many have failed.

What Greta needs is a hero whose courage and self-belief are greater than himself. She needs Hercufleas.

The only problem: he is a flea, no bigger than a raisin. But the smallest person might just have the biggest effect . . .

Great! It has been really helpful to share ideas with other authors.