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Darren Simpson lives in Nottingham with his wife and two mischievous boys. He loves using otherworldly settings and unconventional characters to explore bravery, self-discovery, and the endless quirks that make up our real lives. Scavengers, which will be published by Usborne in March 2019, is Darren’s first novel for younger readers. He also provided the story for The Dust on the Moth, a crowdfunded multimedia novel published by Bees Make Honey.


Landfill is a boy raised with animals behind the walls of Hinterland – an industrial landscape succumbing to weeds and wild flowers. His guardian, a tormented scavenger called Babagoo, protects him from the horrors of Outside. But as he gets older, Landfill’s curiosity begins to win out over obedience, and he begins to question whether Outside is deserving of such fear and loathing…

A striking allegory for our times, Scavengers explores the fine line between fear and prejudice, love and oppression, obedience and control, and questions what it really means to be “civilised”.

The Dust on the Moth

The Dust on the Moth is a tapestry of otherworldly farce, thorny fairytale and domestic drama – an ode to the faint line between the mundane and the mythological. Three youngsters move into 8 Asgard Street to become the unwitting pawns of Mr Malarkey, a voyeuristic landlord with a ravenous obsession. Meanwhile a cathedral drifts through the cosmos, sent to the stars by an apocalyptic kiss, and on its way to revealing the enigmatic bond between two very different tales…

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