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David Bedford lives in a village by the sea in Norfolk, England, with his wife and two children. David was a genetic scientist before becoming a full-time author. He is the author of over 70 books for children and is published in more than thirty countries around the world, from Turkey to Thailand, and Iceland to Brazil.

David’s best-selling picture books include the worldwide hit Big Bear, Little Bear, and its sequel Bedtime for Little Bears. He is also known for creating funny and informative flap books for younger children, as well as The Team series of football fiction, which feature a soccer-playing robot.

David is a British Council Active Citizen working globally and locally in the area of ’boys literacy’. He also delivers the Premier League Reading Stars football initiative on behalf of the National Literacy Trust. David is proud to be one of the first Patrons of Reading in the UK.

David regularly visits schools, libraries and festivals, both in the UK and abroad to countries as diverse as Spain, Jordan and China.


Meet Morris the Mole, the cutest character in picture books as he heads off on a short-sighted little adventure.

Morris the Mole is looking for love – and when he heads down to the farm, he thinks it is going to be right at the end of his nose. But Morris is short-sighted, and what he finds at the end of his nose isn’t quite the love he was expecting . . .

Mole’s in Love is a funny and endearing tale of what happens when you look for love – and love finds you. Cleverly written by David Bedford and beautifully drawn by Rosalind Beardshaw, Morris is an instantly loveable picture book character, making for a relaxing bedtime story or thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift book.


David Bedford and Tom Jellett combine to create a fun and feisty animal book with a heart-warming moral at its core. A master of animal stories, David has written best-sellers such as It’s a George Thing, Mole’s In Love and Mole’s Babies.

Great to share and read aloud with your child, Sylvester and Arnold is just great for readers who love animal books, and even more importantly, a tale of friendship.


Harvey’s team always loses. Professor Gertie, Harvey’s neighbour, can’t understand why. But the bouncing boots she invented were too bouncy, and the smoke machine she’s sewn into Harvey’s shorts blew out so much smoke Harvey couldn’t see the goal.


The Team have won the league title for the second year running. It seems as if all their dreams have come true, and they have nothing left to achieve, when Harvey admits that his greatest dream would be to see The Team play at the World Cup. Harvey knows this is impossible, so he is delighted when superstar player Cassius invites The Team to join the ‘World Cup Heroes’ tournament. The winning team will receive tickets to a World Cup match. Harvey thinks this is the closest The Team will ever come to being together at the World Cup. But what will the ‘World Cup Heroes’ tournament really involve? And how can The Team prepare properly, when their number-one fans – Professor Gertie and Mark 1, the football-playing robot – can no longer support them because they have had to get new jobs to pay the bills? Can Harvey and The Team still find a way to make their dreams come true?


This is the story of Roo, a little dinosaur who one day meets a woolly mammoth in a hot-air balloon. The balloon has a hole and gradually deflates, floating down to the ground and leaving the little mammoth stranded. Roo saves the day by giving the mammoth a piece of his precious comfort blanket (his moomie, as he calls it) which they use to patch the hole. A story about kindness and sharing, with lovable characters created by the best-selling illustrator of the Lettice the Dancing Rabbit series, Mandy Stanley.

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