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Emma Read was once a very sensible biologist. Now she uses her transferable talents such as attention to detail, patience and fine motor skills, to extract Lego from under the sofa. And of course to write children’s books.

Her first book, Milton the Mighty was shortlisted for the 2017 Bath Children’s Novel Award. The sequel will be published in Spring 2020.

Her favourite things in the world are: badges, Death on the Nile, hats, foxes, deserts, desserts and Buck Rogers. Her one regret in life is never having trained to be an astronaut.

As well as her own writing, Emma can’t help poking her nose into other peoples’ stories and is a mentor for WriteMentor.


“Milton was strolling home after a weekend away in the downstairs loo, when he heard the scream.
He froze. It was coming from the big house human, but it wasn’t an ordinary scream. It was an all-eight-leg wobbler, as his dad would’ve said.
Surely he’s not screaming like that at me?
As a tiny false widow spider, Milton was completely unscreamworthy, utterly unterrifying and occasionally mistaken for a raisin.”
When little spider Milton discovers he’s been branded deadly on social media – and is targeted by pest-killers BugKILL – he fears for his life and the future of his species.
Alongside his BFFs, big hairy Ralph and spindly daddy-long-legs Audrey, he searches for a way to clear his name. But to succeed, Milton realises he must communicate with his house humans, a schoolgirl called Zoe – and her arachnophobic dad. Is he mighty enough to achieve the impossible?

I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday and especially to Justin and Amy who are amazing. I'm feeling properly buzzed for my first proper school event!