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When Marie Basting was fifteen, she was told by a careers advisor that girls like her don’t become writers. For a long time, she believed this. But then something magical happened and Marie finally came to realise that girls like her can do anything they want. Princess BMX is her debut novel.

When Marie isn’t at her writing desk, you’ll find her encouraging other creatives. As an Assistant Regional Advisor for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, she supports the development of writers and illustrators at all stages of their careers. She also offers freelance creative writing tuition to both adults and children and is an Associate Lecturer at Manchester Met University. She lives in Manchester with her husband, son and a giant, hairy woo-dog called Polly.

Princess BMX

PRINCESS BMX is a funny debut for ages 7+ that brings the fairy tale bang up to date. Follow Ava’s adventures as she travels from another world, finds her true talents in BMX and brings her brand-new powers back home:

Trust me, the fairy tales have it so wrong. Dingy towers and wicked step-mums are the least of my worries: it’s the boredom that will kill me.

Honestly, apart from the endless supply of cupcakes, being a princess is pretty rubbish. I used to think about locking myself in a tower and throwing away the key. Thank the good goblin I discovered BMX. If it wasn’t for BMX, nothing would have changed…

Enchanted meets BMX!

The course was a lot of fun. It really helped me drill down into the key themes of my book and turn that into event content I'm proud of.