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I love being an illustrator! Each new book feels like the start of a colourful new adventure. There’s something very magical about getting a character, an expression ,a posture or a colour just right. I love it when I can get the colours jostling together on the page so that they start to sing and zing, it makes me chuckle inside.

I’ve always liked working with other people around, so I share a studio with other illustrators. I like the sort of stupid conversations that come up when people’s minds are half engaged in something else. It’s the atmosphere I liked in the art-room at school. Or maybe it’s like sitting round a big table with my sisters and brothers making Christmas cards (glue and glitter everywhere).

I was born in Zimbabwe and moved to England when I was three. One of my earliest memories is of a huge Kudu antelope sticking his head through the car window. I have always loved animals and for many years I wanted to be an elephant when I grew up.

Unfortunately, my ears weren’t big enough,so after school I travelled and worked in France, the Middle East, America and Mexico, then went to study Literature and Philosophy at York University.

I have tried all sorts of jobs: including mural painting, teaching arts and crafts, painting and decorating, selling my paintings from a market stall and working as an Art Therapist.

A friend, who wrote brilliant children’s books ,gave me the idea of painting pictures for children’s books. So I wrote a story called “No such thing as Monsters”, and illustrated it.

I’ve illustrated over eighty books since then and I enjoy it more and more all the time.

I’m delighted that some of the books I’ve illustrated have gone on to be best sellers around the world, ‘Giraffes can’t Dance’ has sold over two million copies.

I live in Brighton with my wife, Sarah. We love playing in the sea with our fab boys (Joe, James and Dylan).


Gerald would love to join in with the other animals at the Jungle Dance, but everyone knows that giraffes can’t dance . . . or can they? A funny, touching and triumphant story from an award-winning creative team. 2009 sees the 10th anniversary of this bestselling picture book loved by children everywhere. Written by Giles Andreae.

It’s the 15th Anniversary of Giraffes Can’t Dance this year, 2014 so there have been lots of exciting things going on including the Number Rumba counting board book, The Giraffes Can’t Dance Annual, a pop up book and a Touch and Feel book


Ever thought about sharing your toothbrush with a shark? Or using a tiger as a towel? Well, think again . . . This brilliantly daft, witty cautionary tale will guide you safely through the perils of dinner, bathtime and bedtime – helping you to snuggle down for a lovely sleep, free from dinosaurs, tigers and sharks. A wickedly funny and reassuring bedtime read. Written by Gareth Edwards.


Deep in the forest, a very bad bear is baking a fabulous pie. All the woodland animals want to help him find the perfect filling, so they bring him their favourite foods: berries, nuts, honey and salmon. But the bear has a better idea for what can go in the pie …the animals themselves! Written by Gareth Edwards.


Tom and Millie want the best job in the world when they grow up. Will they be a nurse like Mummy, a fireman like Daddy, or a pilot like Auntie Alice? Follow Tom and Millie as they visit everyone to discover what jobs they do. From building site, to café, to library. Packed with fun details to talk about and share, this book will keep children entertained for hours.


Tom and Millie are on a treasure hunt and, as they go from the busy beach to the crowded town to the packed playground, all their friends join in their search. There’s lots to look at and to find, including different colours, numbers and shapes – and every other spread invites the reader to look, too.