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The first two novels by Patrick Gale, The Aerodynamics of Pork and Ease were published by Abacus on the same day in June 1986. The following year he moved near the coast of Cornwall and began a love affair with the county that has fed his work ever since.

His books include The Aerodynamics of Pork (1985); Ease (1985); Dangerous Pleasures (1986); Kansas in August (1987); Facing the Tank (1988); Little Bits of Baby (1989); The Cat Sanctuary (1990); Caesar’s Wife (1991); The Facts of Life (1995); Tree Surgery for Beginners (1998); Outlines: Armistead Maupin (1999); Rough Music (2000); A Sweet Obscurity (2003); Friendly Fire (2005); Notes from an Exhibition (2007); Gentleman’s Relish (2009); The Whole Day Through (2009); A Perfectly Good Man (2012), A Place Called Winter (2015) and Take Nothing With You (2018).

Patrick’s novel Notes from an Exhibition was a Richard and Judy bestseller and A Place Called Winter ranked in the Sunday Times bestseller list and was shortlisted for the Costa Novel Award in 2015. Patrick chairs the North Cornwall Book Festival, is patron of Penzance LitFest and a director of both Endelienta and the Charles Causley Trust.


To drive pre-awareness of A Place Called Winter and demonstrate how social media can be used to effectively excite and motivate readers . . . with the overall aim being that Patrick feel confident to take over the reins at the end of the campaign period.


Tinder Press – London, UK




Create a social media campaign that instils reader investment in A Place Called Winter and transports them to the prairies of the new world, where freedom and space and reinvention await.


Shared social media management with the author, while initiating community interaction and demonstrating how to drive brand awareness.

AuthorProfile and PJ were an enormous help both in the launching of my latest novel, A Place Called Winter, and in keeping the subsequent book promotion buoyant.
This happened principally by setting up a specific author page for me on Facebook to compliment my more personal account there. A lot of authors keen to do social media become wary of overloading their personal Facebook feed with book-related material. Thanks to PJ, I can now confine these to my author page, where they’re freely available to readers and fans regardless of whether or not they’re also my Facebook friends. One year on the system seems to be working really well and I couldn’t be happier.