Allan Boroughs is a writer and a traveller with a passion for big adventure stories in which “a lot of stuff happens”. His debut novel, Ironheart, published by Macmillan, was inspired by his travels in Siberia. It tells the story of a young girl who goes in search of her missing father and befriends a seven foot android.

As well as journeying to Siberia, Allan’s travels have taken him to Mongolia, China and, most recently, to the Antarctic. For his next book, he is planning a trip to the jungles of Venezuela.

His adventures have included swimming beneath the Antarctic circle, crashing a dog sledge into a tree, eating fresh scorpions and an unfortunate incident involving a Siberian toilet. But, he says, the absolute best thing about travelling is the chance to meet new people and hear their own stories.

When he is not travelling or writing he enjoys reading, practising martial arts and eating cake. Allan is also a founding member of Future Perfect Writers, who perform regularly at spoken-word events. He lives in London with his wife, two children and a snake called Miss Elvis.


‘First comes the iron and then comes the snow, and then comes the winter when nothing will grow.’

Since her father went missing while prospecting for oil in Siberia, life has been tougher than ever for India Bentley. Little does she know that he was actually searching for Ironheart, a legendary fortress containing the secrets of the old world. A place some say could save humanity . . . or destroy the world.

Along with tech-hunter Verity Brown and her android, Calculus, a killer from the old world turned protector in the new, India must make the journey to remote Siberia to try to find her father and finish his work. But there are others fighting to find Ironheart too – and they have very different goals in mind.

If India fails, it won’t just be her father who pays the price. It will cost her the Earth.


‘What is a myth but a truth retold many times over? Atlantis is real!’

Apprenticed to notorious tech-hunter Verity Brown, India Bentley has spent the last year travelling the globe, finding and selling long-lost technology and doing her best to stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, trouble has a habit of finding her.

Accused of an assassination attempt and thrown in jail, India is rescued by scientist-adventurer Professor Moon: a man obsessed with finding the Bloodstone; key to a source of unlimited energy hidden in the lost city of Atlantis. Now Moon wants India and Verity to join his quest.

Pursued by gangsters, lumbered with a stowaway and haunted by the ghosts of her past, India must risk everything to uncover Atlantis’s secrets. But the truth comes at a price.



The training was really excellent. It far exceeded expectations and it was really helpful.

- Allan Boroughs