Cas Lester

Cas Lester used to make children’s television programmes for CBBC children’s drama like JACKANORY, KERCHING, BIG KIDS and THE STORY OF TRACY BEAKER. But then CBBC moved to Manchester and Cas didn’t! She couldn’t, because her family are happily settled and rooted in Oxfordshire. So now Cas is writing books for children instead. Which is great because it means she can spend more time with her four children, and get to do lots of school visits and workshops, which she loves. Cas is Patron of Reading at Edward Field School in Oxon.

For school and festival workshops Cas is represented by Speaking of Books.

Harvey Drew and the Bin Men From Outer Space

Harvey Drew is an ordinary eleven-year-old who dreams of great adventures in outer space. The Toxic Spew is an intergalactic waste disposal ship. The two are on a collision course for chaos! After Harvey unwittingly responds to an alien signal, he is transported to the flight deck of the Toxic Spew by the ship’s bad-tempered computer, who promptly loses his return address. Even though none of the crew have even heard of Earth, let alone met an Earthling, Harvey becomes Captain of the stroppy, pizza-obsessed, brave (but grubby) crew, and almost immediately has to save them from poisonous pink maggots, dangerous exploding space-rubbish and a multiple spaceship pile-up on Hyperspaceway B16. Luckily, leading his rabble crew out of danger isn’t so different from captaining his football team, and it turns out Harvey is just the boy to save the day!

Harvey Drew and the Bling Bots

Harvey thinks he has the best job in the world; he’s stumbled into being the captain of a real live space ship! Except that the Toxic Spew is the filthiest, grubbiest, and definitely most dysfunctional garbage collector in the known galaxy. And with the most argumentative and chaotic crew. While on their way to their next rubbish pick-up, the crew get word of a stranded cargo ship which happens to be carrying the most valuable substance in the Known Universe, and Beyond – Techno-tium – and whoever rescues the cargo gets to claim it. Thinking they will soon be disgustingly rich, the crew aims the not-quite-fully-functional ship towards the treasure. But they don’t bet on running into the most notorious and ruthless pirates around: the Bling Bots from the planet Sy-Boorg! Harvey must try and save the day again – before the Toxic Spew gets disposed of once and for all.

Nixie the Bad, Bad Fairie

Nixie the bad, bad fairy isn’t really that bad . . . at least, she doesn’t think she is. But sometimes she has to be a teeny-tiny bit bad because that goody, goody fairy, Adorabella, is just too . . . well . . . just too GOOD. Fairy dust and magic are fine, but when your wand’s as mischievous as you are, sometimes you have to rely on your own genius inventions to get you out of trouble!

Nixie the Bad, Bad Fairie is illustrated by Ali Pye.


“The training was enormously useful and liberating. It inspired confidence.”

- Cas Lester