Jane Lawes

Jane Lawes grew up in Surrey, and spent her childhood dancing and practising gymnastics in the garden.

She studied American Literature with Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, where she spent three years reading good books and writing stories.

When she’s not writing fiction, she works as an Editor of adult non-fiction books. Her first series, Gym Stars, was published by Usborne in 2012, and her new series, Ballet Stars – also with Usborne – is publishing in 2015.


Ballet Stars: Perfect Pirouette

It’s Tash’s first term at Aurora House, the school where dancing dreams come true. She’s thrilled to be living with girls who love ballet just as much as she does! But when Tash starts to worry that her dancing isn’t as good as her new friends’, she decides to take a big risk. Will her plan lead to a perfect pirouette…or a dancing disaster?

Ballet Stars: Amazing Arabesque

It’s the spring term at Aurora House, the school where dancing dreams come true. Tash is delighted to be back, especially when she realizes she’ll be learning to dance en pointe. But when her friend Anisha starts acting strangely in class, Tash is worried. Their first ballet exam is coming up and Anisha isn’t even trying to master the tricky arabesque. Can Tash get her back on track before it’s too late?

Ballet Stars: Sparkling Solo

It’s the summer term at Aurora House, the school where dancing dreams come true, and Tash is so excited about the end-of-year performance. She can’t wait to dance on a real stage for the first time, and she’s desperate to win the solo role of her dreams: the Lilac Fairy. But her friend Dani is struggling with stage fright. Can Tash help her to sparkle in the spotlight?

Gym Stars: Summertime and Somersaults

Tara loves gym and spends every spare moment practising in her garden. When she joins the Silverdale Gym Club, Tara’s catapulted into their star team. But with so many new things to learn- like backflips, somersaults and handsprings, how will Tara ever catch up with her talented teammates?

Gym Stars: Friendships and Backflips

Tara has been entered into her first ever gym competition and she’s desperate to win. But she’s so busy learning the tricky routine that she doesn’t have time for her best friends. When they all fall out, Tara realises that her friends are more special than any medal. Can she find a way to make up with them and follow her gym star dreams?

Gym Stars: Handsprings and Homework

Gym-mad Tara still can’t believe she’s part of the Silverdale Gymnastics Club – and that she’s through to a national competition! But Tara’s homework is starting to pile up and when her teachers notice that her school work is sliding she’s in big trouble… Can Tara finish all her work on time and win a gold medal?


The training was really useful, interesting and helpful. It was great to learn alongside other authors and to share ideas and experiences.

- Jane Lawes