Joanne Owen was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and read Social and Political Sciences with Archaeology and Anthropology at St John’s College, Cambridge. She lives in North London, where she writes, works as a freelance marketer of children’s books and watches The Arsenal.





Puppet Master

Puppet Master (Orion Children’s Books) is steeped in the atmosphere of nineteenth century Prague, and blends the magic (and menace!) of marionette theatre with Czech folklore and legends. ‘Owen is a terrific storyteller’ The Telegraph.

The Alchemist and the Angel

The Alchemist and the Angel (Orion Children’s Books) is a fantastical, historical epic set in sixteenth century Prague, among the plague-ridden ghettos and decadent court of mad Emperor Rudolf and his ruthless alchemists. ‘An imaginative tour de force’ School Librarian.

Circus of the Unseen

Circus of the Unseen (Hot Key Books) is a part-contemporary, part-fantastical novel about making decisions, dealing with upheaval and becoming the person you want to be. It was partly by inspired by Slavic folklore about Baba Yaga, a witch who is said to guard the threshold between the world of the dead and the world of the living…

Excitingly different and weirdly wonderful, this feels as though Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Eastern European folklore have vividly blended together into a modern yet unique tale’

Wales Unlocked

Wales Unlocked (Factfinder Guides) is a children’s travel guide.


Extremely valuable! I learned so much and the training really helped me feel equipped and more confident about performing.

- Joanne Owen