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Damien Lewis is a former war reporter who spent twenty years reporting from war, disaster and conflict zones around the world.

His military books include the number one bestseller Zero Six Bravo, and his man-and-dog at war stories, including the phenomenally successful War Dog and Judy: A Dog In A Million, both of which are being developed as films.

His widely-acclaimed WWII elite forces series includes SAS Nazi Hunters, SAS Ghost Patrol, SAS Italian Job, Churchill’s Secret Warriors and SAS Shadow Raiders.

His co-authored war-victim memoirs Slave and Tears of the Desert, have won a string of awards and were top international bestsellers. He is the patron of various charities connected to his work and has raised tens of thousands of pounds for causes related to his writing. He is also an acclaimed public speaker, being hailed by one corporate executive as being “a brilliant natural storyteller.”


To support the UK hardback and paperback release of SAS Italian Job, Smoky the Brave and SAS Shadow Raiders as well as drawing content from the pages of Damien’s military and WWII elite forces books that resonate with his readers online.


Damien Lewis – London, UK




It was vital that any content used on Damien’s Facebook page be an authentic representation of his extensive research as well as the SOE and SAS operations that he writes about, and that respects the real-life men and women whose stories are told in his books.


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